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My name is Jonathan Law. I was born in Plymouth, England, in November 1989, and after my mum gave her life to Jesus when I was four, I began going to Mutley Baptist Church. I found out that I could get everyone to love me if I attended regularly, kept on my best behaviour, and memorised some bible verses. When I was sixteen years old, God told me that I was like the Rich Young Ruler in Luke 18: a morally good guy who wasn’t actually following Jesus. On this night, God showed me that He wasn’t concerned with my religious effort, He wanted a real relationship with me. So I gave my life to Him.

After God saved me, He gave me a real hunger for the word; I started eating up sermons, meeting regularly with someone who discipled me, and one or two people began to mention a call into pastoral ministry. I thought this was a bad idea, not only because of my relative youth, but also because I couldn’t think of a less exciting thing to spend my life doing! However, during my gap year, which I spend preaching around Plymouth, helping out with some pastoral work at my church, and getting stuck in with our young people, my pastor pulled me into his office and asked why I wasn’t going straight into pastoral ministry! I didn’t really have a good enough answer, especially because we were already beginning to see fruit from my pastoral work, and so during the next members meeting we decided that God had called me to pastor a church, and I was sent to Spurgeon’s Bible College.

God not only showed me that this was His plan, but began to excite me for the task. I grew in my love for preaching, for the word, and for people, and became excited about the local church being God’s hope for this fallen world. The responsibility of this task became more and more of a burden on my heart, and the joy of spending my life loving God, the church, and those who are far from God as a pastor began to rise up within me. I was sent to preach at Cranbrook Baptist Church on behalf of the college, at the same time that my name was sent there as a potential for their new minister and, you know how it is, ‘one thing led to another,’ and here I am today.

I am a real work in progress, making lots of mistakes, but my goal is to love Jesus more and more and be used by Him to see other people want to love Jesus more and more as well. I love my church, I’m excited for our future together, and I can’t believe that I get to spend my life doing this.

Prayers appreciated!

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  1. keijo leppioja says:

    Hello in joy to follow the Lord in his love and care with the Holy Spirit and evelasting covenent with him in promises of the Father to take care over us and give healing and joy daily in Jesus name ,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

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