February 5, 2016 by Jon Law

To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.
1 Corinthians 12:7

This short verse is overflowing with vital truth that we need to hear if we are to keep in step with the Spirit.

Firstly, to ‘each’ is given the manifestation of the Spirit. Not one person is left out! If you have given your life to Jesus, He has poured His Spirit into your heart in order to empower you for a life of meaningful service.

This is a gift: it is ‘given.’ It is not something we deserve, nor something that we had to work for. As in all of God’s works, there should be a deep, deep gratitude in our souls for the fact that God Himself has made us His home.

There is a ‘manifestation’ of the Spirit. In other words, the Holy Spirit doesn’t like to be shut away and imprisoned: He wants to reveal Himself through you. Our lives must show Him. What a privilege, that God Himself wants to be seen through your life!

Finally, this manifestation is ‘for the common good.’ The Holy Spirit has a work to do in the local church and He has given you a vital role to play in that! Whether it is a gift of knowledge, faith, prayer, healing, prophesy, wisdom, leadership, or one of the many others mentioned in Scripture, God wants your life to manifest His Spirit for the building up of His healthy Church.

The ‘Spirit’ wants to bring glory to Jesus (John 16:14). He does this by building up Jesus’ body: the Church. This is exactly why He lives in you too: that you may glorify Jesus by building His Church.

How are you manifesting the Holy Spirit for the common good?


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