Carol Service Poems


January 13, 2015 by Jon Law

It has been requested to see the poems from the Carols by Candlelight service that we put on a few weeks ago.

Well, here they are! Enjoy.


Who can make this darkness light
And bring the Sun into the night?
When clouds of grey fill up the sky
And mountain peaks seems far too high,
When I succumb to tears and fears
And troubles line my way for years,
When coughs and colds keep on and on
And suff’rings live for far too long,
When those I lov’d have gone away
And those who hate me seem to stay,
When I no longer want to fight,
Who can make this darkness light?


“Who can give the barren life?”
Said Joseph to his future wife.
He had dreamt dreams and wish’d the best,
Praying to God that they’d be bless’d.
With plans to start a family
And create precious memories.
Instantly his dreaming stopp’d
As Joseph’s heart was made to drop.
His future lost so suddenly
He planned to leave her quietly.
How could God bring such hopeless strife?
Who can give the barren life?


Who can draw those far away?
These wise men who spent night and day
Riding camels to a town
No one even knows about?
Following that shining star
To Bethlehem of Judea.
They seem misplaced inside the stable.
They sing to the boy in the makeshift cradle.
Wise men next to shepherd and calf,
One with gold and one with staff.
There are no strangers on this hay:
Who can draw those far away?


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